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Interested in baptism or joining the church?  We are offering classes during Lent for those interested in being baptized or becoming new members on Easter (April 1st).  Please talk to Pastor Monica as soon as possible.  

We approved our Open and Affirming Welcoming Statement:  “As we strive to follow in the way of Jesus Christ, Northwest Christian Church welcomes all of God’s children to join us in worship, service, fellowship, and in the sharing of our faith. We believe that all people are created in the image of God, and that all people can serve God just as they are. We hold in our hearts that God’s love is inclusive. We welcome people of every race, age, physical or mental ability, gender, sexual orientation, and gender identity to join us as we make Jesus Christ known in the world.”  Congratulations!

Covenant Discipleship Groups meet once a month, October to May.  The purpose of these groups is the strengthening of personal connections and faith commitment through prayer, Bible study, mutual support, & the practice of spiritual disciplines.  Covenant Discipleship Groups are a great opportunity for those who are new to Christian faith to learn more and for long-time Christians to grow in faith.  We will be offering a group that meets monthly on the last Sunday of the month at noon (beginning November 15th).